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Join Angel & Alan as we welcome back someone who’s made the claim that “I HAVE IN MY POSSESION a piece of material recovered from a UFO encounter in 1985.” the one and only Mr Larry Cekander who joined us last year is returning to fill us in on what’s new in his world.

This object has been tested at 12 universities and labs around the country. It matches nothing on our planet. I have a published book CALLED “YOU CAN ONLY GO AS FAR AS YOU PUSH the Bob White Legacy” Galde Press 2013.IT HAS PROPERTIES IDENTIFIED not in any earth manfactured aluminum alloy including EMF signals, gamma, beta and fast neutron emmisions, has elongated silicon sprules shown in its matrix indicating off earth formation, It is extraterrestrial in origin. The tests from the labs show no earth match.I have scientific test results showing this with accredicated scientists who have gone on record stating this more than once on tv shows we have done including The UFO HUNTER SHOW, UFO FILES, JANE GOLDMAN PRESENTS IN THE UK AND many radio interviews. This is just the tip of the evidence on the artifact we have. You can visit these web sites to see more of what we have.http://www.facebook.com/UFOHARDEVIDENCE

I’m looking for help to present this to the public and to inform the population of the UFO COVERUP still being perpatrated by our government. Our physical evidence is real, has been tested and proven it was not from on our planet.


Bob White I believe was killed in November of 2009 right after the last major tv show done on us. I have his car at my house and it shows damage consistant with being run off the road.

The Bob White artifact is proven extraterrestrial in origin. It matches nothing on our planet. It hasn’t disappeared and I have it. This is the Rosetta Stone of UFO research.

Physical evidence proven not of this world yet is manufactured for a purpose.


Find out what the government has been hiding that I have.

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