W/ Jeremiah Kaynor & Alder Sherwood

Join Angel & Alan as they welcome Alder Sherwood, and Jeremiah Kaynor to Skywatchers Radio to talk about a documentary they are working on called “Do you shift?”

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“The concept of shapeshifting is common to human cultures since the dawn of man. It has been a uniquely common practice amongst Shaman of indigenous tribes across the world.”

““Do You Shift? is a documentary exploring the perceptions of shifting from one way of being (which could be physical or emotional) into another way of being, inviting us to examine ourselves to learn if our current lives are as fulfilling as they can be; or are we able to shift into much more?”

Bios: Alder Sherwood and Jeremiah Kaynor are a writer/director/actor/producer duo from Seattle. Their previous work includes “Timetravel_0” (2009) and television pilot “The Divine Marigolds” (2011). They co-own Corvus Eye Productions, which is producing “Do You Shift?” The film is expected to be released mid-2015.   https://www.facebook.com/alder.sherwood

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