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Join Angel & Alan as they welcome back, fellow ufologist, and Skywatcher on his own right Jeff Willis who was on with us last month. We had so much fun talking to Jeff that we had to have him back on as soon as possible.

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BIO: Arizona UFO researcher and skywatcher – Jeff Willes resides in the Phoenix area and is available & interested in showing his material and/or speaking/lecturing/ TV/Radio/Film, licensing ufo video footage,and vending dvds at any UFO related events.

Jeff Willes has been researching UFOs and related phenomena for over 25 years. His initial interest in aliens didn’t start with a simple UFO sighting. He has been having sightings of ufos and other odd experiences since 1975! In 1987, at the age of 17, he moved to Phoenix from Seattle with his family.

Sky watching became his full time activity after getting
his video camera in 1995. Jeff has been able to get about 250 hours of solid UFO video.

Jeff Willes was one of the co creaters of uforoad trip, it became the History Channel”s “Ufo Hunters” TV show.

His footage has been featured in many programs including History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens”  Disney’s “Race to Witch Mountain”. “Dan Aykroyd unpluged on ufos”.And many more.

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