W/ [1st Hour] Bill & Nancy Birnes, James Swagger! + [2nd Hour] Chris Brown, Tim Swartz, Mr UFO Tim Beckley! LIVE!

Join us as we welcome none other then Will William Birnes, Nancy Birnes, James Swagger, Chris Brown, Mr UFO Tim Beckley, and Mr Conspiracy Journal himself Tim Swartz to the show! For this very special episode which marks our very first show on Wednesday nights at 10pm est. to Midnight!

1st Hour
We are joined by William Birnes & Nancy Hayfield Birnes!

2nd Hour
We are joined by Chris Brown, Tim Swartz & Mr UFO Tim Beckley!

We want to take your calls, and so we will have open lines all night folks! Call in, and ask our guests anything you like!

You better call in at (786) 245-8127 or find us on skype PSN RADIO!

To listen in on your mobile or tablet device you can also click PSN RADIO or look us up on “TuneIN.”


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