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Aaron Judkins aka “Maverick” is an author, explorer, & archaeologist from Texas. He has a passion for searching for the truth about the mysteries of the past- exposing forbidden archaeology & forbidden history.

He has participated in numerous excavations throughout the U.S. & Israel; including the Pool of Siloam in Jerusalem in 2004. He is credited with mapping the longest, contiguous dinosaur trackway in the Western Hemisphere & discovering a new trail of dinosaur tracks named the “The Judkins Trail”.

Maverick has been featured on both international radio & TV broadcasts including “Coast to Coast AM with George Noory” & the History Channel. He is a guest radio show host for EPIC Voyages Radio on the Inception Radio Network & is the host of his own show called “Man vs Archaeology”. His Ph.D. is in Biblical Archaeology. He enjoys both music & photography.

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