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Tonight we are joined by John Hanson

In 1995 John retired from UK Police…after 27year service (17 years in CID) contacted by son serving officer now Police Chief Inspector…..told him about UFOs seen over Birmingham City travelling across sky was with Policewoman, directed to scene after speaking to local Doctor …saw saucer shaped object blue field of energy around it at 6.37pm 19.1.1995 thin rippling red line running through it hovering over trees. Shrunk into itself…..gone….Traced others that had seen it including lady out walking dog three minutes later over Oxfordshire, she told of seeing D shaped object moving over the contours of the land tremendous……sighting… traced others that saw similar things that night over various part of the Country…..Contacted British Astronomical Association asked then if they had any report of fireballs that evening they sent me a postcard telling me to beware of crackpot organisations!

Contacted local paper they ran silly story-curious decided to conduct own research, lectured on the subject at the local College Haunted Skies Volume 3, 1947met Dawn Holloway, she had some photos of two triangular objects taken over Barmouth some years ago, which weren’t seen when she took photo….

Decided to write book about UFOs spent a few years writing this entitled UFOs chronolgy of a Phenomena contacted Tim Good went to see him, synopsis went off to his publisher; they thought it was good but not focused. They offered to give advice for a cost! I declined carried on researching went to Warminster interviewed people there and also Avebury Stonehenge spent nights out sleeping rough talking to people gathering their stories.

Many crops Circles appearing then used to race out to photograph early morning, met Viv a lovely lady from Glastonbury… she used to drive round in an old van with dog called Bat, still see her occasionally – Had to assist one man who lost his trousers and underwear after the farmer seized then as he ran across the field trampling the corn….towel we had with us came in handy!

Dawn has photographs of two objects above crop field at Alton Barnes identical to the formation….wonderful place been on Silbury Hill watched for UFOS thunder and lightning, met up with a group of people who sighted triangular object landing on side of hill and what appears to be two occupants in 1995!

In 2010 we published Volume 1 of Haunted Skies (please look on Amazon .com you will see the books there.

This covers a day by day account of UFO sightings over the UK between 1940-1959, we have published now 9 books including Volume 8 (1980) which covers the Rendlesham Forest case in Suffolk, have seen orbs with my own eye, also apports of stones and weird photographs Volume 8 and 9 are in colour now 600pages…..we publish them ourselves Currently working Volume 10 1987-1988 which will include Australian and USA cases……early ones…

Join us for another exciting episode of Skywatchers Radio!

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