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Join Angel & Alan tonight as they welcome Chris Brown to Skywatchers Radio! No wait not that Chris Brown! But UFO Witness Chris Brown.

Chris says orb gave him insight into UFO and crop circle technology… Nearly three years later, one witness of several who saw a mysterious orb and flying disk in 2011 is still compelled to share what he learned from the encounter.

He says the orb communicated information about flying saucer propulsion and how crop circles are formed, and left him with the feeling that it was important he share this information with scientist.

Chris Brown says, “I really want to try hard this next year getting our encounter out more.”

He feels that his sighting has not received enough attention. To give me a better idea of what he experienced, and an unbiased look into an investigation of it, he sent me a report from the Oregon chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). The report was put together by field investigator Jason Ingraham and Assistant State Director Keith Rowell.


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