SIGN PETITION: To Prosecute Pelosi For “Covid19 Violations”

WOW So more than 25,000 people have signed a petition already urging leaders to prosecute House Speaker (by name only) Nasty Nancy Pelosi for violating local COVID-19 rules during getting salon services in San Francisco a week ago. This is the least of her crimes against the country but one she really got owned, and exposed hard on so I’m singning it. But truth is she belongs in prison for past credit card fraud, and most recent for holding back stimulus money, and starving innocent Americans to death. Not to mention the millions she put in danger back when she called the President a Racist, and Xenophobe for simply shutting down in and to China and trying to warn us about the Covid 19 pandemic which now she claims he didn’t act quick enough on. Shame on her for always trying to spin things, and lying to make herself look good, moral, and justifiable by her religious that she says lies like that “she’s prayful” bitch you never prayed to anyone but Lucifer.

The petition is addressed to San Francisco Police Chief William Scott and asks city leaders to prosecute the 81-year-old Speaker for not respecting the COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions.

“Laws aren’t just for the ‘little people,’” it was written in the letter. “Not only did Nancy Pelosi knowingly violate health ordinances, but just destroyed a business because she couldn’t take a [sic] ounce of responsibility.”

“The salon owner gets death threats, while Pelosi has paid ZERO price for her hypocrisy. At a very minimum, Nancy Pelosi must be prosecuted by San Francisco for her flaunting of COVID regulations. Now!” The petition had over 25,500 signatures as of Friday morning.

Nancy Pelosi has denied to apologize for not respecting local rules, which have locked businesses for months. Rather, she blamed the salon owner for ‘setting up’ the entire scenario. Because you know not only if she a hairstylist but she’s a psychic and knew Nasty Nancy would call on in 2020 in the middle of a lockdown and need her hair done so this has been in play for a decade just for this moment. LOL Just saying that shows the level of stupid Nancy thinks we’re all in… She said the following. “I take responsibility for trusting the word of the neighborhood salon that I’ve been to over the years many times and that when they said, what, we’re able to accommodate people one person at a time, and that we can set up that time, I trusted that,” Nasty Pelosi stated.

“As it turns out, it was a setup. So I take responsibility for falling for a setup,” she added. LMAO She takes responsibility for falling for a setup… LMAO WOW What a cop out and ignorant way to address the situation. Lying hypocritical bitch. The owner of the salon, Erica Kious, explained how she has to close her business because of the threats she receives after Speaker’s visit.

“I am actually done in San Francisco and closing my doors, unfortunately,” the single mom revealed to Fox News’s Tucker Carlson last week. “I started to just get a ton of phone calls, text messages, emails, all my Yelp reviews… saying that they hope I go under and that I fail. So just a lot of negativity towards my business,” she stated. A GoFundMe for Kious, organized by Amy Tarkanian, collected over $300,000, which she will use to help her ‘business purposes.’

Shelley Luther owner of Salon Á La Mode and candidate for Texas State Senate discusses Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to a salon has also said in recent video that after Salongate, Pelosi should ‘step down’ as Speaker of the House. Now salons and other small businesses are being impacted by coronavirus shutdowns and restrictions yes Nasty Nancy has some nerve to not just violate the rules but to blame, and try to destroy Erica Kious life is disgusting.

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