Shake up in the desert! All happening at midnight.

Well sort of…… The show ‘Midnight In The Desert’ which was created for the now late radio icon Art Bell who I had the honor of being part of the lead in to his show the entire time he was hosting the show has once again changed hosting voices.

Since Art’s passing the shows gone from Heather Wade to Dave Schrader now Tim Weisberg Takes Over Hosting Duties. Dave who is exiting to concentrate on podcasts and the TRAVEL CHANNEL show “THE HOLZER FILES”. WEISBERG will continue to be the main host to his other podcast “SPOOKY SOUTHCOAST” in addition to hosting ‘Midnight In The Desert.’

I like Dave I thought he made a great replacement, and will miss him on the show but Tim sounds like a fine replacement, and his first show is coming up on Monday Jan 27th 2020 I have an account for the podcast over at Dark Matter Digital Network still, and recommend everyone check them out. Keith Rowland who I consider a good friend, and wish him the best deserves you to give the new host a chance.

Check out the show theme song created for Art Bell below, and under that some quotes from new host TIM…

“It may sound cliché, but it’s a dream come true for me to take the helm of a show created by one of my true idols, ART BELL,” said WEISBERG. “My whole life, I wanted to be in radio, but when I was a teenager and heard ART’s voice talking about paranormal and fringe topics, I was hooked on the talk radio format. I had no idea these things that I was secretly interested in could be so publicly discussed, and he made it feel completely normal to talk about them.”

“I feel like my whole career has been building to this moment,” added WEISBERG. “As much as I’ve been working in modern media, my plan is to incorporate those elements into a program that has a throwback feel. I want to go back to those nights when you’d turn off all the lights, sit in the dark and just listen to that voice coming to you out of the night air — although some nights, what we’re talking about just may want you to keep the lights on.”

From former host on the same network, and host off my own podcast here on PSN RADIO I wish Tim the best luck. As a fan of Art I’ll be listening.

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