The NEW ‘Saved by the Bell’ Official Trailers & INFO!

Hey if you were a kid or teen during the 90’s for sure you know “Saved by the Bell” I mean who doesn’t right? It even had a “Collage years” and another class with Screech working at the school not a student anymore! Well it’s back to the MAX! ONCE AGAIN! Check out this exclusive look at the new whole set of students, and some of our favorites from the original show. The series that won’t go away is coming soon to #PeacockTV. Not in re-runs but in another reboot! A modern day one too. Meaning it’s got a more modern feel, and camera work.

When California governor Zack Morris gets into hot water for closing too many low-income high schools, he proposes they send the affected students to the highest performing schools in the state including Bayside High. The influx of new students gives the over privileged Bayside kids a much needed and hilarious dose of reality.

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