(2012-Current) Co-Host

The Answer to Movie Troll insanity “Round Table Edition” is a show full of comic book, and movie nerds!

Yes I dabble in nerd stuff also, and on this show I get to geek out with some buddies who also host their own solo shows. This round table show is a lot of fun. Originally hosted by Zodwriter, California Guy, HollywoodRape, and MovieWorldExpress while on BlogTalk Radio. In late 2012 the show jumped on to PSN RADIO. Since the show has moved on to the new network a new crew of hosts have taken to the Round Table.

The show is now hosted by Zodwriter, Tha Jackal, Johnny Alpha, and part timer California Guy. With of course our regular callers “Alex,” “Triple 8,” & “Crossfire.”

Join the Round Table if you dare! Trolls beware!