Romancing the Tard

So for years I have been trolled by this idiot named Andre online all because I had made a comment about a “Superhero” he loves that i’m not very fond of. He took it a bit too far trying to drop docs on me, and trying t make me out to be a career criminal by lying on my past on YouTube. He’s had literally about a hundred YouTube accounts, and he keeps losing them because he likes to slander others.

After taking his bullshit a lot of people got together to hate him back, and show him what a true moron he is… Little did they know he was also a possible PEDO who also had done some acting, and as even found to have lured young girls to do “Casting Couch” type of videos while promising parts in movies or shows which never existed.

With me the final straw was when he found out about my mothers condition and began slandering her in his hate filled videos. I saved the worse ones but had a HD crash and only recovered one of the dozen or so he made on her alone.

He was caught by a few folks online on Twitter trying to lure girls, and someone got the bright idea to see if they could catch him on the act. Not only did they! But a video was made called “Romancing the Tard” and it’s on full display on Facebook for all to see.

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Romancing The Tard

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