Robert Reich Your NAZI views are showing! So you care about democracy Now? Give us all a Break you OBAMA clown!

So I read this hit piece by this fucktardistan resident and China sellout Robert Reich, and yes he’s from California, and an OBAMA hold over who loves China, and hates America, and well I’ve had enough with him Who happens to have a proper nazi sounding name in “Reich” but this moron is just following that moronic idology by his last name but yes he’s a socialist/communist democrat who wants to silence all who go againt his one party rule. I got into it with him on social media or the “Bird Cage” as I like to call “Twitter.”

This moron is claming like most these libtards stuck in Fucktardistan that the Jan 6th was a coup! Well some coup when the President was still giving his speech, (PROVEN FACT) the rioters were being lead in by police, and this is on video as FACT. The guards, and cops were told to let them in and stand down by memebers of the leftist in congress. One DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to be exact who is a proud endorcing mayor of the looting, riots, burning of buildings and murders during the 2020 “Summer of Love” and “Chop” and she’s for defunding the police, and is on the side of DOMESTIC TERRORISTS like Antifa, and Black Lives Matter. She even marched with them last year.

She along with the radical leftist all set the stage for this to happen to tarnish us Trump supporters, and the few actual Trump supporters who were there were telling people to leave, and not break shit, and not do what the left was doing. This is on VIDEO! The left is using this to weaponize it against Trump like they have done from day one.

And morons like this neo NAZI loving Robert Reich knows this, and he’s just another leftist radical moron who’s following his party lines narrative of bullshit, and lies. Here are the tweets from him, and my reply. I also screen shot it in case the BIRD CAGE does what they love doing. Censoring us for telling the truth.

But this isn’t bad enough watch this old moron on video! LOL This guy is just another tool of the left… A dickhead socialist. But hey this is my opinion. lol (One that is based on facts.)

You’re so full of shit… The DeomcRATS are doing nothing but lying by keeping using race baiting even your using it here! I’m a Latino, and of “color” and I can tell you that you’re full of shit.

Joe Biden is a pedophile, and his sons is a crack head, and this is who you want in the fucking white house? FUCK outta here! Trump was a great President, and he was not saying racist shit another baseless lie by the left. BIDEN is a known racist. Remember “YOU aint black” comment? Calling black kids “Roaches” telling stories about black guys who were bad dudes names “Corn POP” saying he didn’t want his kids “growing up in a racial jungle” the man is a complete racist, and liar.

First days in “office” and he’s already cost thousands of jobs, billions in damages with just 1 act! The keystone pipeline which would be a great benefit for us, mexico, and canada. So Robert space me your nazi propaganda bullshit but you’re an old fart sellout to the Obama/Clinton/Biden/Harris crime families.

By the way KAMALA is INDIAN from a mother who’s from india, and a dad while Jamaican is also of INDIAN decent.. She’s not even 10% black and she claims shes African American. Shit last I checked there is no “JAMAICA or INDIA” in fucking AFRICA! She’s a con artist racist like Biden, and she fucked her way to the VP. First Willie Brown, and Beau Biden, and I’m sure Hunter tapped that ass also. She helped locked up thousands of black men for simple drug charges, and held evidance on innocent black men so they could die in prison.

This is who you want in power? Robert you’re a fucking retarded lunatic, leftist moron… Period! Go fuck yourself. Even Elon Musk called this dickhead out, and called him a moron.

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