Robert Englund is still scaring the world with True Terror!

So as a kid Freddy Krueger was my favorite horror slasher killer, and while I don’t think the movies are made for kids to watch them who am I to throw stones as I saw them as a kid, and went to see them as a kid with my dad! I even went to see one replayed a few years ago by O-Cinema which you can catch the video of that on my YouTube Channel. I’ve posted that video below also here so you could check it out. But with that said actor Robert Englund is one of my all time favorite actors, and when I heard he was coming back to TV I was shocked, and loved it. Shocked cause of his age (72) but loving it again because I’m a big big fan.

The show is called “True Terror With Robert Englund” the first episode was just aired on the Travel Channel Wednesday, March 18, giving the 72-year-old actor a new role to slice & dice into… As an on-screen host this time and not as the killer he used to play in the Nightmare movies. His show does bring back memories of of Robert Stack and Rod Serling before him. Englund also was featured in the V (1980s) series, and is responsible for the casting of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in the STAR WARS movies. Little do people know he’s the one who gave Hamill the heads up to go try out for the role, and thus changing his life forever and introducing the world to the would be Master of the Force!

I can’t wait for more episodes of the new show as Robert Englund was fantastic in the first episode. Check out this awesome interview with him over on Bloody Disgusting.

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