Robert De Niro is at it again! But I think I know why…

So the once ICONIC actor who’s now fallen from grace looks like he’s about to get his #metoomoment all while trying to hide his own wrongdoing by trashing the PRESIDENT! A Twitter user, and host on NRATV named “Grant Stinchfield” @stinchfield1776 is calling him out, and called him a “sissy” if he doesn’t come out, and address his video. He’s tired of Robert De Niro and his bullish behavior both towards the NRA and our President. Check out the tweet below.

This is about to get UGLY for Robert who I think is about to experience his own backlash which will have him lose possible work, and will get his name dragged through the mud like he’s currently partaking in against Trump on social media throwing out accusations, and threatening our President. Something which the FBI/CIA someone should into. How can they let this moron say what’s he’s saying about President Trump?

But here is what I’ve come to the conclusion with folks! Robert is being sued for “racial discrimination” so what’s he calling Trump? A RACIST! Now isn’t this funny. Robert himself who’s being sued for being a racist is calling Trump “The real racist” now I know that Hollyweird is all socialist, and all hate Trump because he’s not like them. And every lie they tried to stick to him has failed… I don’t need to tell you how all the stuff in that impeachment is based on lies I’m sure you know by now.

But here is the reason why Robert is attacking Trump…. He’s projecting his own bad behavior on the President, and thus joining his socialists fools out in Hollyweird to trash out President so people don’t pay attention to this.

A former assistant is suing actor Robert De Niro, claiming the Oscar winner made sexually explicit comments and was verbally abusive. CBSN New York’s Ali Bauman reports.

There it is folks… He’s the real racist not TRUMP but once again the left is eating their own, and HOLLYWOOD or Hollyweird as I call it is full of these elitists who think they’re better then the rest of us, and that they’re above the law. Funny enough who says that alot? Naaaaaaasty Nancy Pelosi who’s in charge of San Francisco? Well no wonder… It all makes sense why that, and the rest of California is starting to become a “SHIT HOLE” or “3rd World” with their sanctuary cities, and crap. Keep it up Cali it’s not looking good for you. This also helps makes sense why his wife recently divorced him. He’s got anger issues, and looks like he’s losing his mind if you ask me. He sounds violent, and I really think the feds should look into his actions, and threats on President Trump.

Check out his most recent idiotic comments…

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