Neil Rogers! “REST IN PEACE” R.I.P.

Miami legend, ICON, and mentor of mines on Radio Uncle Neil as he was called by his fans, and legally known as Neil Rogers passed away this week, and I’m shocked, Sadden, and can’t do anything but remember the laughs and great moments he had on radio. I know he was controversial, and loud, and gay, and all these things. But he was also a brilliant radio voice, and will be missed Neil Rogers died at the age of 68 on December 24th 2010 in Broward County Florida. Rest in Peace Neil.

This was filmed at the old “Bazaar” Swap Shop in West-Central Broward County sometime between 1992 and 1993. Neil was the highest paid AM-Radio talk host in the history of South Florida Radio. His on-air ratings were almost always at the top of the scale no matter which station he was working on at the time.

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