R.I.P. Mad Mike Hughes

While I love what he was trying to do, and achieve here he paid for it with his life, and showed us all one clear thing! That this is why it costs billions of dollars in research to send people to space, and it’s not just something someone easily do with some banging together of crap in the desert somewhere. The man known as the modern day “Daredevil” “Mad Mike” Hughes died during an attempt to launch his homemade rocket Saturday 02/22/2020

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mike Hughes’ family and friends during this difficult time. It was always his dream to do this launch, and Science Channel was there to chronicle his journey,” the Science Channel said in a statement. Hughes was scheduled to launch his homemade rocket for a new Science Channel series called “Homemade Astronauts,” according to the Discovery Channel website.

Hughes and Waldo Stakes built a steam-powered rocket with the intent of launching Hughes 5,000 feet into the air, the website said.
He eventually hoped to develop a rocket that would launch him 62 miles in the air to where the Earth’s atmosphere meets outer space, according to the Discovery Channel.

Deputies responded to the fatal rocket crash off highway 247 in Barstow, California, on Saturday afternoon, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. While authorities did not formally identify Hughes, they said a man was pronounced dead after a rocket crashed in the open desert during a launch event. A sheriff’s aviation unit is investigating. No other injuries were reported.

The video of his fatal launch is here on YouTube this just happened on SATURDAY. The news hasn’t gone viral yet, and I did get a copy of the video in case it’s removed from the original source. From the reports that’s come out from the report, and the video is that his parachutes failed to open. This is what goes with the video below.

People he was a “flat earther” and he was trying to do this to prove that the earth is flat. So once again people don’t try this for yourself it’s not safe, and it’s why we have space programs like NASA (Yes I know they suck sometimes!) and other major players spending Billions!

“Please understand that the quality is not what you might expect, we apologize for that. But we weren’t filming like the others, we were streaming the event and people watching saw it happen LIVE! So please give us a break on the video’s quality.”

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