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The long time Rep John Lewis has officially been announced Dead at Age 80… While some will mourn, some others will not… Me I say good riddance to another Anti American leftist! He went from political leader, and someone we could admire due to his own experience in life. To sell out loser before he took his final ride into the highway to hell.

John Lewis whose bloody beating by Alabama state troopers in 1965 helped galvanize opposition to racial segregation, and who went on to a long and crooked career in Congress, Lewis’ death was confirmed by a House Speaker the “ICE CREAM LOVER” herself Nasty Nancy Pelosi in a statement Friday night.

“John Lewis was a titan of the civil rights movement whose goodness, faith and bravery transformed our nation – from the determination with which he met discrimination at lunch counters and on Freedom Rides, to the courage he showed as a young man facing down violence and death on Edmund Pettus Bridge, to the moral leadership he brought to the Congress for more than 30 years.”

“In the Congress, John Lewis was revered and beloved on both sides of the aisle and both sides of the Capitol. All of us were humbled to call Congressman Lewis a colleague, and are heartbroken by his passing. May his memory be an inspiration that moves us all to, in the face of injustice, make ‘good trouble, necessary trouble.”

Lewis was the last survivor of the Big Six civil rights activists, led by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. He was best known for leading 600 protesters in the 1965 Bloody Sunday march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama. Lewis was knocked to the ground and beaten by state troopers… Gee ironic we have CIVIL Unrest the year he also dies huh?

All this man wanted in his life was to destroy the country, and always pulled the RACE Card when there wasn’t any. Look at this idiot… Sorry. Dead idiot trash Trump for no reason. He defended Open Borders, was for illegal immigration and while he uses the name of Martin Luther King! He forgets Dr King was a Republican, and Conservative. John Lewis was a Liberal full of hate. Check out the video below.

This fool wasn’t traveling anywhere but to his home, and everything said in this speech was a lie, and just another idiot in congress who was against Trump since day 1 because he is white, and John Lewis was mad that a “white man” won. He wanted a leftist, and was angry Obama wasn’t President anymore, and that Hillary lost. SO he went at Trump from day one, and lied his ass off against Trump in this speech. Trump had done nothing to merit this outrageous speech, and this moron is someone who used the Race CARD to smear Trump, and wanted to impeach a President based on LIES! Watch hoe he tries to justify the impeachment of Trump based on a hoax. He like all the others on the left are such full of bullshit, and with his passing it’s one last time we have to put up with another liar who did nothing for anyone but himself once he became a career politician. Remember he’s based all this on the FAKE Russian HOAX! The proven hoax, and the one that Mueller found NOTHING done wrong by TRUMP!

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