Rapper “CEO Bezzal” Killed In Crazy Washington DC Shootout!! (Graphic Video)

A popular up and coming Memphis rapper named ‘CEO Bezzal’ was shot and killed in Washington, DC yesterday, the crazy daytime shooting was captured on video but with the way laws are working out or not working out in the Washington area, and the deFund the police movement, and the total take over by the Black Live Matter, and Antifa morons are making to where this case will probably not get solved, cops won’t break a sweat to do anything… Oh wait what cops? They don’t want cops up there right?

So another black on black crime which will go unsolved because of the morons on the left that has kept seeding a civil race war which now has engulfed our country over the death of a career petty criminal who did spend time in prison over pistol whippin a pregnant woman. While the circumstances surrounding the shootout are not clear. According to social media reports, CEO Bezzal was gambling with a group of men that he didn’t know. Not the smartest of moves he took.

Purported insiders explained that a dispute broke out about whether one of the men playing was cheating, and then all hell broke loose and a huge gun battle broke out, which spilled into the streets. News that someone murdered CEO Bezzal hit everyone by surprise. Rappers such as Lil Baby were seen posting emotional comments on social media about CEO Bezzal’s death. CEO Bezzel was an upcoming artist in the Memphis area. His hit singles such as “Rockstar” were starting to catch steam nationwide. Most industry experts expected that his career was just about to take off.

CEO Bezzal left behind a one-year-old son, whom he shared with his longtime girlfriend. She posted a tribute on Instagram, captioning a photo of the couple wearing matching blue outfits, “Forever I love you baby.” She also changed the description on her page to read, “Rest In Peace To A LEGEND KING BEZZAL.”

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