RAND PAUL EXPLAINS HOW Trump did NOT give Turkey permission to invade!

Rand Paul did a brilliant job of explaining why it wasn’t a bad move by the President to remove the 50 soldiers we had stationed helping the Kurds. This is what I was talking about from the moment he made the move. Happy to see Rand Paul talk about this with Glenn Beck. I love Beck’s show, and think what he’s been doing is really bringing to light the hypocrisy on the left. And Happy to see Rand Paul join the party here, and not just explain but blow the entire left out of the water with this explanation.

Senator Rand Paul breaks down the recent conflict in the Middle East. Turkey invaded Syria earlier this month, nearly destroying the nation’s northern area where the Syrian Kurds live. But Paul says we need to look back at the region’s history before we make assumptions about present day current events. In fact, Paul argues the irony of the destruction is that an important truce could develop between Assad and the Kurds, resulting in a semi-autonomous region there. AND, he argues, Trump did NOT give Turkey the green light to invade. Rather, Turkey’s President Erdogan likely told the president he was planning to invade one way or the other, and President Trump had to decide whether or not it was wise to leave our 50 or so US soldiers in the way of a military invasion.

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