Senator Rand Paul Drops Nuke on Senate Floor + HOT MIC on Covid-19 miss info?

So we need to see how Senator Rand Paul spoke about what’s happening where the current massive debt we’re creating due to the bill passed, and the one proposed with the next Bill they want to pass, and like reported here earlier what AOC thinks we all should do which is never work again and collect money with a closed economy or “society” as she puts it…. IN OTHER WORDS this is Rand Paul pretty much telling us why she’s retarded in her view with a solid argument as to why it’s not good to keep the economy shut. Now I have not got a penny from the this “recovery” bill as of yet, and I have health issues, and I’m out of work.

But also remember folks this is election year and the left would love nothing more than to keep this going, and collapse the economy too the point of no return, and so keeping the economy closed is their agenda.

First check out this HOT MIC AT THE WHITE HOUSE BRIEFING! THEY KNOW! This audio was captured on a hot mic before the presidents press briefing on covid-19.

Now check out the video by Senator Rand Paul as he “Drops Nuke on Senate Floor” and again details what we’re facing economically if we don’t re open our economy.

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