Rand Paul destroys ‘The View’ on USA pulling out from helping the kurds!

Rand Paul Goes on ‘The View’ aka The SPEW! And while leftists are saying that he went down in flames but like usual it’s a lie the women on the show are clueless morons, and he not only destroyed them in argument he’s 100% correct in EVERYTHING he said while these women know that if their precious OBAMANATION had been the President who pulled out soldiers out of there they would be all in favor.

These women are disgusting losers who are socialists, and while they kissed Trumps ass when he was a guest years ago have now backstabbed him all because he beat Hellary Clinton! Let’s not get it twisted people these women only hate him because of that. This has nothing to do with his politics or anything he does as President because like this video shows these women are biased, confused, and clueless about WAR & Politics.

The View 10/11/2019 [FULL] | ABC The View October 11,2019

IMO Rand Paul destroyed them, and even got applause from the crowd a few times… It also looked and felt like the crowd would cheer, and were being told to stop by maybe a stagehand producer or sign which these shows have to tell their audience when, and not to applaud. This is all TV trickery to make things funny when a joke is said or when a point is made by the hosts. Here is the video below you judge who won this round on the SPEW!

Rand Paul Discusses Withdrawal of U.S. Troops from Syria | The View

“I let you talk so you let me talk” and “don’t interrupt” Thank you Rand for sticking up for yourself, and telling that rude bitch Sunny in a nice way to SHUT THE FUCK UP! See these woman, and the left love to do this they don’t have a clue or proper answer to ANYTHING so they don’t let you talk, and when you try and reply with a proper answer all they do is yell, and shout over you like that’s going to prove them right. Rand Paul today you sir showed the world that you’re a true American patriot.

Thank you again…

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