RAMBO: Last Blood

Rambo: Last Blood opens up this weekend, and I for one CANNOT wait to see this movie…. Now I will say this I’m a big big Sylvester Stallone fan! Me, and SLY go way back as far as me being a fan now, and I’ve seen and own all his movies in Blu Ray or DVD some both, and they’re all on digital on my pc also because fuck it it’s the year 2019, and that’s what everyone has now also. But I even have the Rambo box set more than once (Different Editions! One’s a big TIN CAN Set, and the original dvd release.) so you know how deep the Rambo series is with me. Love that franchise!

Sly is the best action star of the 80’s hands down, and to me still the best action star of his generation but he’s also a hell of a director, and actor, and should have won in my opinion best actor for the role in the last “Rocky” movie not counting the two “Creed movies.” The speech he gives his son about moving forward, and not quitting gives me chills everytime I see the movie because it’s so true, and inspiring. The entire Rocky movie series beyond boxing is about being the underdog, and still having enough power in your own will to move in the world, and make the world yours at all cost but doing it in the best way you can without hurting anyone. This above all is why Rocky endures so much, and is such an American icon, and legend as a character that it can have 6 movies, and 2 spin off movies, (Creed 1 & 2) and keep going because the concept is heart felt, and pure, and deep in the roots besides boxing it’s about family, and it’s about love. Even the creed movies had amazing depth, and heart in them which is why they did so well at the box office, and a 3rd one is on the way soon I hear.

This is something that Hollywood in all their PC nonsense have forgotten to add to the movies they make, and it’s why Sly has had the comeback he’s had in the last 15 years. I Love his Expendables movies, and I did also name a rap song I did called “Driven” after a movie of his by the same title, and there are countless of awesome Sly movies. The 80s belonged to him, and Arnold but mostly Sylvester Stallone was the dude who’s movies moved me the most from the “Action Stars” of the era.

So with that said I will be heading out to see LAST BLOOD this weekend with my father who introduced me as a kid to the worlds of “Rambo, was the main reason why today I’m a “STAR WARS, Indiana Jones, Ghostbuster, Rambo, Rocky, Back to the Future” fanatic. He loves movies as much as I do, and besides politics which now bonds us even more he’s always been someone who I loved watching movies with over the years. Movies, and sports.. Mostly MLB! But with this possibly being the last in the “Rambo” flick in the 30 plus year saga.

Unless he does a 6th one so he could end up with two Rambo trilogies which is what I would like to have seen personally. One the first three when we see a fresh face vet named John Rambo through 3 movies, and 3 when he’s at a much older stage, and what became of that soldier who we met in the 80s. But with at least one more after the awesome 4th “John Rambo” movie a few years ago now not doing as well at the box office as Rocky I thought it would be the last of the character sadly. But here we go again! “Rambo: Last Blood” and the trailers look great! Check them out below! The movie is in theaters NOW!

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