Radio host & Author Wayne Allyn Root message to President Trump!

So the Author and syndicated radio host “Wayne Allyn Root” just issued a message to President Donald Trump in an open letter published by Townhall, Root called for an investigation into left-wing billionaire philanthropist Geroge Soros and his Open Society Foundations, accusing him of being the mastermind behind the riots that have swept across America since the death of George Floyd.

“Cut the head off of the snake,” Root wrote to President Trump. “Order a worldwide investigation into the funding of domestic terrorism. Suspect No. 1 has to be Soros and his Open Society Foundations.

“But there are many more wealthy globalists and socialists involved,” Root added. Root believes that the recent riots are proof that “evil globalist and socialist elites are out to bring down and destroy America.”

Root referred to the “Cloward-Piven strategy,” which he said he learned at Columbia University along with his classmate, former President Barack Obama. According to Root, this strategy is currently being put into effect by radical extremists.

“This nationwide rioting, looting, burning and attacks on police is all clearly coordinated by allies of the Democrat Party: socialists; Marxists; communists; globalists; radical, extreme open-borders madmen,” he wrote. “They are carrying out a detailed plan of domestic terrorism.”

Root also says that the globalist and socialist elites are able to do this because they control numerous key sectors of society.

He Explained:
Their political arm is the Democrat Party. Their propaganda arm is mainstream media and social media. Their funding arm is Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Their brainwashing arm is made up of millions of Marxist public school teachers and college professors. And, as we are now seeing on the streets of U.S. cities, their military arm is [A]ntifa.

According to Root, the attempt to destroy America started with the “lockdown and closure of the U.S. economy because of media hype, hysteria and exaggeration about the COVID-19 pandemic,” and now, the elites are attempting to finish things off with the “riots, unrest, looting, and torching [of] businesses.”

Root argues that in order to fix this problem, we have to “follow the money.” He says that the paper trail will lead to people like George Soros.

Of course, some have characterized attempts to tie Soros to the protests as conspiracy theories, and it remains unclear whether Americans will agree with Root on each of these points. Still, it is difficult to deny that a thorough investigation of Soros is long overdue.

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