Radio host Art Bell honored at Pahrump park

One of my top 5 all time favorites, and man who I’m honored to say I shared somewhat of a stage with while the lead into his show that ran for a very short time with him as host. The show ran on “Dark Matter Digital Network.” Midnight in the Desert which is still on with new host Dave Schrader. (click here for more info)

I was co-host on Skywatchers Radio, and Producer, and Co-Host on Future Theater with Bill & Nancy Birnes. I always have credited a handful of radio men who helped shape my interest, and love for doing podcast, and having a dream of maybe one day being on real radio. Art was on top of my list. 1. Art Bell, 2. Neil Rogers, 3. Phil Hendrie, 4. Jorge Rodriguez and 5. George Knapp.

I was able to chat with Art a few times on Facebook but he did turn me down for an interview after he retired which crushed me as I’m a big fan. He said he wasn’t feeling well, and he was a bad interviewee which wasn’t true I would have loved to have him on air but I think he was just a bit angry at something that had happened with a producer I had on the show at the time. But regardless he was a great person to chat with, and get to know. I owe the experience to share that story, and moment on the network leading into his show to Keith Rowland who gave my show Skywatchers Radio a chance to air along with Future Theater. I’m forever grateful to Keith who’s a great producer, mentor, and friend.

Now the Fans of late-night radio personality Art Bell, who passed away in 2018, now have an opportunity to pay tribute to the radio hall of famer whenever they’re out in the area Nye County area.

Friday, Nye County officials revealed in a Facebook post that a plaque and bench have been installed at a Pahrump park in memory of Bell, a long-time Pahrump resident and radio personality who died on April 13, 2018, at age 72.

The memorial is at Calvada Eye park near the Pahrump Town Office.

Bell was a member of the National Radio Hall of Fame and the Nevada Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame. He is best remembered for his paranormal-based radio show, “Coast to Coast AM.” Also, he was the founder and original owner of KNYE 95.1 FM in 1999.

He later launched his own satellite radio program from his Pahrump home after retiring from full-time hosting duties in 2003. On the airwaves, Bell captivated listeners with his fascination for the unexplained, such as UFOs, alien abductions and crop circles.

The bench and plaque were paid for by the group “Friends and Fans of Art Bell,” with a contribution from the county, including installation of the bench and plaque.

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