‘QAnon Shaman’ Rioter Hires High-Powered Attorney, Seeks Trump Pardon

Does the name Jacob Chansley ring a bell? Probably not! But if I told you “One of the U.S. Capitol rioters who went viral for his horned Viking look!” You would say “Oh yea that moron…” Well this guys an activist wannabe, and agitator, and he was paid to be there, and do what he did by leftists who hired tons of these people to break into the capital, and stage most of that bullshit. Can’t believe some of you so stupid to think that shits all Trumps fault.. He did nothing wrong, and these cock suckers wanna impeach him again for nothing when they spent all 2020 pretending our lives didn’t mean shit as cities burned, and people died nation wide due to riots, and looting they called it “The summer of love” and the “Chop” so all you democRATS can eat a fat dick, eat my shit, and go fuck your mothers, dead mothers, mothers you sick fucks!

Since then, the rioter made news for reportedly not wanting to eat jail food due to his “organic diet” and the lack of organic food available. Now, news surfaced that the man named Jacob Chansley has hired a high-powered attorney Albert Watkins, and is looking to get pardoned by Trump… No chance on that happening there buddy. You’re gonna do some hard time my dude. lol Or maybe you wont depends if you’re a sold out leftist. Maybe Joe Biden can pardon you? Or Nancy Pelosi could bail you out? You know since all you did, and continue to do is help them out. Personally I hope they throw the book at this moron, and he spends 5-10 years or more in prison.. No pardon for this shit head.

Watkins recently made an appearance on CNN to talk about the matter involving his client. While speaking to Chris Cuomo, Watkins said that Trump “has an obligation” to give out pardons after his words led supporters to take to the capitol… You know he is a “Trump Supporter” but he’s on Chris Cuomo, and asking for a pardon? This is such a staged set up if you can’t see it you’re just stupid.

Chansley, who many are calling the ‘QAnon shaman’ based on his outfit worn during the riot, reportedly “felt like he was answering the call of our president,” according to his lawyer. Watkins also said that Chansley was at the U.S. Capitol “at the invitation of our president, who was going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue with him.” This right there tells you that this is all bullshit, and staged folks.


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