Protesters & Rioters hit Atlanta GA & Miami Florida… CNN Burn down!

Remember when the media told us that President Trump was the greatest threat to the free press? As it turns out that George Floyd “protesters” are an even larger threat. A demonstration in Atlanta, GA turned violent and resulted in the destruction of the CNN headquarters there.

CNN, which has appeared to be sympathetic to the rioters, had its center vandalized as smoke grenades and rocks were thrown at the building. While the anger over George Floyd’s death is certainly justified, the destruction and riots are not. I never understood the meaning or need to riot to be honest! Other than wanting to burn your own community down, and steal some stuff? Stupid crap. But now the Rioters, and looters have migrated further south as they’re in Georgia, and Florida.

This isn’t going to help anyone…

Check out the videos coming out of Atlanta, and Miami below… Now what did we have to do with this? These people need to calm they ass down! But from the looks, and the footage don’t lie! This is an Antifa fueled riot, and they’re doing this to keep us divided. This is their socialist agenda, and here is some of the footage to prove it.

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