President Trump Unveils MAJOR Breakthrough + $CASH$ Coming your way!

Now besides getting us a vaccine to help end this CoronaVirus nightmare the President has signed into action the bill that will help each, and everyone who needs monetary help during this world wide outbreak. He’s moved as fast as possible to help the everyday citizen during these hard hard times, and looks like there will be checks coming in to help alleviate the loss of jobs, and wages since the virus started to spread. This of course has been a horrible nightmare which has caused a worldwide crises now, and folks like myself who are dealing with health issues and mounting bills as it is will be helped greatly by what the President just did.

We should all be thankful to have a President who cares about us so much that he’s going out of his way from the very start to help keep the American people safe, and with all the uncertainties we’re facing we have to remember he’s a human also, and this is something nobody could have seen coming. He was wise enough to shut down the flights from China when he did, and the left called him a racist. History is on his side, and if you want to know in the very speech he gave in the full video with the breakthrough he was asked a very specific question, and this might be the best question I’ve heard asked of President Trump in months concerning the media, and why they lie about him, and what they keep doing. It’s amazing how much he’s been able to accomplish considering all the attacks he gets. Check out the clip here below.

He’s not a racist, and I get it some people don’t like how he talks, and think he’s a goofball or whatever. The guy has shown he cares over many decades… Look up “Ryan White, Donald Trump, Michael Jackson” and “Maury Povich & Donald Trump” or “Oprah and Donald Trump” and you will see that the socialist left who hate this nation and all they do is attack, and lie about President are full of shit.

Another good video by Hannity who also had Lindsey Graham on the show talking about what’s happening to help the AMERICAN people as soon as possible. This is important so pay attention as this video could reflect exactly what you will face when the “checks” are being given to us.

Laura Ingraham: Persistence not politics during the coronavirus crisis! Video by Laura Ingraham! Great way of putting it, and she’s been on the very top of this entire thing from day one, and has really been one of the best sources on reporting about the possible vaccine which is being reported has had a 100% success rate in tests over in France, and we’re talking about over 40 people have been tested, and over 6 days of study has seen again a 100% success rate in curing, killing eradicating the virus.

It’s very important to understand that what they’re talking about will still take somewhere between a month or two before we get an actual working vaccine so we’re not out of the woods. We need to still be careful on an everyday level, and people just don’t do stupid shit, and you will be fine.


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