President Trump sits in a Listening Session on Youth Vaping and the E-Cigars

I tried vaping for a while, and it hurt my speaking voice, and sent my thyroid out of control.. I stopped had I not I was going to die according to doctors who checked me, and found I developed an illness called “myxedema” and I gained a lot of weight, and had ALL the symptoms. I was checked, and have the paperwork showing how bad it affected my health.

I haven’t joined the lawsuit but have been thinking of it, and since I stopped vaping I’ve lost close to 100 pounds within a year! The swelling in my legs has been going away which is still not a pretty sight but it’s got better. Now I know first hand how bad this vaping is, and now people are dying… I’m happy I stopped when I did, and think it might have saved my life for now… I was told, and have it on paper again by the doctors that I was near death, and still can fall into a coma, and die due to my condition.

I went from healthy to very sick because of vaping, and the condition it caused, and I’m 100% convinced vaping was behind it. My voice has slowly got better since I stopped vaping, and for a while there I had all but lost my voice. Now imagine after all that I had a car crash which broke my lower spine, and now I need multiple surgeries in none related issues.

Anyone who’s heard my podcasts shows can hear when my voice changed… This was due to the thyroid issues I had. This video from The White House is a good insight both on how the President likes to listen to all involved before he makes his mind up on how to pass laws but to see what the industry and all people involved feel before he makes law.

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