“I have turned my back on the idea of victimization mentality.” Kanye West & Antonia Okafor

So I ran by this video below with Kanye West & Antonia Okafor whom both vocalized perfectly what I’ve gone thru since I voted for Trump in 2016. This video is almost on par with my own experience and I’m latino, and it’s funny being these are two African Americans on the video, and it still showed how my views had evolved politically over time like theirs, and how I opened my eyes like they did. Like them my so called peers, and friends took issues with this and while a lot of my friends don’t care, and are still friends I too have seen a change in tone on how they treat me but for the most part they’re cool, and I was touched by this video by Prager University with Kanye West, and Antonia Okafor.

One of my best friends of 25 years from high school who practically was like my brother stopped speaking to me in 2017 because I voted for Trump, and he’s latino like myself, and a socialist democrat. Which was news to me the socialist party. I always knew he was liberal but the fact he had so many socialist views was news to me but he is a Democrat, and at one point we both where and both voted for Obama.

When I stopped supporting Obama back during the 2nd year of his 2nd term my friend started having issues with me, and we spoke less, and less but I took that as people have lives, and we still kept in touch as much as possible. Remember we’re both heterosexual males, and this was a normal friendship. NOT some gay romantic friendship just so you don’t think this was something it wasn’t. Neither of us is gay… Just to get this out of the way. Now to continue once he heard I voted, and fully supported Trump the issues grew, and one day I posted a funny meme, and he called me out, and called me a bunch of names on the phone after deleting me from facebook, and telling me off online, and when he called me he told me to disown and stop my Trump support or else he wouldn’t add me back to facebook or speak to me again.

I told him not to bother because I’m not going to just change my views to something someone tells me because they don’t agree with me just to make them happy so they could including me back in their life as their friend. After all we’ve been friends for now decades right? So being one for so long is something which includes me having the identical view as them now? That to me was something I felt well just dumb, and well why do I need to change my views to match theirs politically? Where is that in the friendship guide book? lol IS there such a thing? We haven’t spoken since, and well my life has gone on without my once friend.

As I see it however LIFE and situations like these happen to people all the time, and I’m not alone in it. I’ve lost a total of 14 so called friends since 2015 just because I support Trump, and I let it be known… 6 Latinos, 3 white 5 Black, and from there 2 were gay dudes I knew for a long time. One is the cousin of a friend of mines who I only was friends with after highschool cause of my friend his cousin who isn’t gay was living in the same house as he lived. The guy dude moved in with my friend when he was young, and stuff due to family issues.

But the point is NONE of those people had issues with me on a personal level before Trump ran, and won, and since blocked me, and don’t speak to me which made me both laugh, and sad.. Not sad at the loss of these people from my life but sad at how stupid they acted over my political view. I laugh at it all because I’ve also made same wonderful new friends since then, and it showed the true nature of how brainwashed, and stupid some people are.

The funny part of it all is the white friends only hate Trump and are liberal because they never lived or and had been born in a socialist country and don’t know what it’s really like, and think it’s all what Bernie Sanders, and AOC is selling which is NOT what it is, and what it will be like if it’s fully blown here. The Latino friends are the less smart and to me dumbest of the groups because they ALL came from socialist countries, and should know better. Why would you want that horrible crap that drove your family to leave, and come here to follow you here? MAKES no sense.

As for the black friends? They just sadly brainwashed into ONLY loving the Democratic Party and can’t think for themselves, and said the’re voting for black only democrats, and to me that’s the very definition of racist behavior. My gay friends who were in the mix there are mad at Trump for doing right things like not allowing transgender wannabes to have a sex change on taxpayer money once they leave the army, navy or marines or any form of service which can have the bill of the surgery flipped onto us the taxpayer.

This is a sad reason to lose friends, and people who you thought were like family but this is life, and once thing I know if you might come into this world with assistance but you will die alone, and friends like the wind they come, and go. Nothing is forever so while I’m here I’m going to live free, and die hard like the movie but I’m gonna do it on my terms. I think this is what MLK (My hero in life) was all about.

He didn’t want us apart he wanted us all together living but as free people to live free, and do as we wished in a loving world where race, skin color, and gender didn’t matter. He was also a republican, and was murdered by a democrat as was Lincoln. Just remember that hard fact folks.

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