Police arrest couple in deadly love triangle.

A sad love triangle turns deadly as Furniture firm heiress was found beaten to death by the hands of the sheriff’s daughter and the boyfriend who was dating both of them, and was married to one during a road trip together.

Florida police arrested arrested Christina Araujo, 38, and Zachary Abell, 30, who are both accused of brutally attacking 30-year-old Aileen Seiden and killing her they were believed to be in a love triangle.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said that Seiden, who is daughter of well-known Miami businessman, Frank Seiden, died after she succumbed to injuries suffered inside the Sportsman Lodge. Her body was later found at 5pm on April 23 by a fishermen. And I quote ‘It’s the most savage beating I’ve see in my 40 years in law enforcement,’ Franklin County Sheriff A.J. ‘Tony’ Smith told The Miami Herald on Monday.

This one really hits home for me because I know both Zachary & Christina in real life, and they are people not only I’ve spent time with but worked closes with. Christina worked in a dealership I worked in as one of my employees in the BDC or internet department, and I met her then boyfriend Zach via her. She found out I made music, and he had a music studio he was building at the time, and I went to see him, and we all clicked right away.

I never once saw him or her get aggressive with anyone which just shows you how out of control things can get so easily that people who you think are good people can do such wrong… This is something which has shocked me, and everyone who knew the two. Again not once did they ever publicly show any level of this sort of evil in them around me, and we had been friends now for years! I don’t know the whole workings of what happened as I’m shocked by this news, and my deepest condolences goes out to the family of the victim Aileen Seiden who was just a gorgeous, and lady who’s life was taken way too soon.

This is something which will linger with me for my whole life, and will be a case I cannot believe happened… I don’t know what else to say honestly this is beyond comprehension or words.

According to the Herald, Abell and Araujo told a friend, who also knew Seiden, that she was murdered, and confessed to this friend, and the unidentified friend called the police and the suspects Zach & Christina were arrested the next day.

Aileen Seiden was the youngest daughter of Frank M. Seiden, a Miami businessman who sold furniture to high-profile beach hotels, cruise ships and Disney resorts, and her older sister, Deborah Seiden, worked as an investigator for the Miami-Dade County state attorney’s office. She was very close to her sister, and told the Herald that her “heart is broken.” She said “I’m devastated.” “Especially with the way she died. My sister didn’t deserve this.”

Aileen’s other sister, Franceasca Seiden, who is the founder of a production company held a vigil for Seiden with friends of the Seiden they helped the family set up a GoFundMe account on behalf of Aileen’s sister Franceasca.

“In the tragic aftermath of her death, we’d like to ask for help in getting Franceasca what she needs to care for herself and the difficult tasks that lie ahead as she navigates these uncharted waters,” the account reads.

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