Pole Dancer Performs At Elementary School. So this empowers young women?

OK So I’m not a parent myself but I have family, and they got kids, and I seen my niece grow up, get an education have a career in teaching, and now a family of her own. Now not once did they have strippers come in to her classroom to show and tell how to pole dance.

This is the biggest WTF moment since the videos of the drag queens spreading their herpes or aids infested lets infront of kids. This folks are people who vote DemocRATS who clearly have LOST Their FUCKING MINDS!

This is the kind of mental illness they want to spread, and people wonder why today’s kids are coming out fucked up mentally… Think about it between add, and all the fucked up drugs kids get put on, and then they got parents who shouldn’t be parents sitting them in front of trash like the Ellen Degenerate show or the show with the tall black guy in drag Wendy Williams… Oh, and Rupaul also.

When you let your kids watch that garbage, and then go to school and see dudes in drag teaching them how it’s OK to be a man in women’s clothing, and reading from some book on drag, and trans people (Which is creating a country full of sissy boys), and now pole dancing so the girls can all think that growing up being a whore?? How is this OK? Forget being a Lawyer, Doctor or hey something important like a TEACHER of young minds. NO no no you’re going to be a whore for dollar bills at a local strip club dancing for dollars Suzy so get used to it… It’s McDonalds and minimum wadge OR stripping because that’s all the DemocRATS value your life to be unless you’re an elitist who comes from money.

Now I love T&A time like the rest of the real red blooded men in the country and world but… BUT! I do not want kids exposed to this sort of bullshit… Did we forget that this leads to a life long career in possible prostitution at night clubs? Do you really think there in no sex in the Champaign rooms? Or drugs? This is horrible parenting, and teaching by the schools… All these people should be investigated, arrested, and charged with child abuse, and have real case workers take a look at these things, and schools need to see this perversion out of the school system.

Kids need to learn how to so things much more important then learn how to dance on a pole or be read how great it is to mutilate your body because you’re fucked up in the mind, and you think you were born in the wrong body… Back when I was growing up you told your dad (if you were a boy) that you wanted to dress like a girl he would have a talk with you, and tell you not to think about that until your older, and really know whats going on. Then find out what is guiding your child to that mentality.
Kids minds are like sponges, and we live in a society now where it’s become so open to transgender that it’s like a virus it spreads, and some of these kids have major links between them. I’ve been saying it for almost 5 or 6 years now. The big link is the parents who allow them to watch the shows that feature “heavy alphabet people” stuff.

That folks is called “indoctrination” and while I don’t hate anyone on the Alphabet community, and have many close friends even relatives who belong to one of them letters. I love them like brothers, and sisters like everyone else. But even they have to admit that they found their way in life, and I’m sure they agree that a toddler or elementary school kids should be watching this stuff.

I wrote a post about this back in November, and when I seen this Pole Dancing in schools (Before the Covid19 outbreak) but when I saw that posted today on The Daily Caller I had to show the sickness to anyone who hasn’t seen it. Folks this is what the DemocRATS want. Schools need to educate properly not have whores, and trans people try and warp the minds of kids this age. This folks should cause an outrage… You want to talk about population control? MK Ultra? This folks is a major part of it. Why do you think that the top anchors on most media like MSNBC, CNN ABC, belong to the alphabet people?

Here 3 big examples! Rachel Madcow, Anderson “Pooper” Cooper, and Don Lemon-Head. The same 3 which love to hate America, and our great countries tradition, and cover for evil people, and pedophiles like the Clinton’s, Pedo Joe Biden, and a slew of evil DemocRATS. They love this crap being done to the kids because they know how this game plan turns out… Get them started early, and watch the decay of our society grow further, and further… Folks this is the agenda, and parents, and schools are feeding right into it with this bullshit attack on the kids minds. #Facts

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