Peter Dinklage is Van Helsing! Jason Momoa is a Vampire! WTF?

Game of Thrones own Peter Dinklage and Jason Momoa best known now as the miscast yet fun “Aquaman” are Reuniting For Vampire Action Film. Not just any Vampire movie. But a Van Helsing movie… And get this! Mr Dinklage has landed the role of Van Helsing. Yes I kid you not… Clearly someone in the casting department is sniffing glue or someshit.

But this movie will be DOA unless it’s some sort of spoof… There was already a big screen movie with Wolverine actor himself Hugh Jackman that flopped, and the TV show remake with a woke actress as Van Helsing. Now they’re thinking small! Small for the main role of Van Helsing… This time it’s actor Peter Dinklage who will be chasing Vampires.

The winner of multiple Dinklage will play the title role of Van Helsing, last in a long line of vampire hunters…. He develops an uneasy partnership with a Vampire (Momoa) who has taken a vow never to kill again. Together they run a scam from town to town, where Van Helsing pretends to vanquish the Vampire for money. But when a massive bounty is put on the Vampire’s head, everything in this dangerous world full of monsters and magic is now after them. Check out his Emmy acceptance speech for his role in “Game of Thrones.”

The intent is Midnight Run in a Bram Stoker world according to Deadline.

The film is based on an original idea by Mark Swift & Damian Shannon

The irony is the size difference here will be hilarious on the big screen! But heck this will be hilarious on ANY SCREEN!

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