People who complain about Trump! LMAO!

Joe Biden had a “virtual town hall” Friday and one which wasn’t even supposed to take place online. Earlier this week, the last two major Democratic primary candidates, Biden and Bernie Sanders, were forced to cancel some campaign events because of the coronavirus pandemic spread.

State officials across the country started banning large gatherings, like rallies, for fear of spreading the disease. Still, rallies remain an important part of any presidential campaign, and Biden’s team tried to mitigate the threat by hosting a public Zoom call for supporters to join and ask questions. Fortunately, it completely missed the mark… Which makes for hilariously nuts Joe to give us another mental gaffe!

The Zoom call was plagued with technical problems from the start sure but let’s face it Joe and his lack of mental health is the first problem, it began over three hours late. I think Joe forgot that he had the Town Hall and when he lost at BINGO he finally was told he was to go to this other thing, and he leaped to his feet and went off, and once Biden did start speaking, his staff had to restart his entire speech because there was no audio, fading his campaign logo in and back out again to signify that they were redoing the address.

As he started reading off his prepared remarks again, Biden’s audio was suddenly painful to hear and impossible to understand, at least until they replaced whatever mic he was using with a smartphone. And as it was well it went about how you’d expect it to go… Here is the video. LMAO!

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