One win away from W.S Title Houston Astros take 3 in DC as the fans boo POTUS45!

The Nationals fans are disgusting! The team Choking during this game might have got them angry but my god what a bunch of idiots, and a showcase of ignorance by ignorant fans. The entire thing towards this POTUS is a big giant hoax, and they want to lock him up for what? Doing a good job?

This is how stupid the left have made their base now they want to not just impeach Trump but lock him up for crimes committed against him by the deep state which includes Adam Schiffhead, Hellary Killton, Nasty Nancy Pelosi, Jerry “Pants to my nipples” Nerdler, and Chucky Shitforbrains. These and the Fraud Squad, and more than 80% of the demoncRATS running for the DNC need to be locked up NOT Trump!

You know one would think that at some point with the Muller investigation turning up nothing, the fake russian hoax, Nasty Nancy, Adam Schiffhead, and the rest of con artist in washington being exposed by the Barr report coming out, and the amazing job that Trump has done with the economy, and the killing of the head of ISIS that the crowd would have not only cheered Trump but given up a standing ovation, and had he been OBAMA or CLINTON these idiots might have because it’s clear those people are stupid, brain washed, and love criminal activity over law, and this country.

It’s funny since the teams W logo is the same as Walgreens logo my suggestion is the morons chanting last night to lock him up should go pick up their meds before another game because their meds must be gone after all if you’re an AMERICAN and you believe this President needs to be locked up or impeached OVER something fake, and a hoax made up to oust an innocent man from office you’re clearly someone in needs of meds, and are clearly crazy or stupid.

I Stand with Trump 100% and know he’s doing an amazing job, and it saddens me, and a lot of people to see how the democRATS have become so rabbit due to the brain washing they got the President and his family can’t enjoy a simple ballgame without some idiot dickhead starting a chant like that and wanted to thank the classy fans who cheered the President, and first lady, and took the high road. Last night was about Baseball not Politics, and yet some idiots took it to themselves to be faceless, morons on tv.

I was hoping no violence happened because I’m always against violence in any sport but what happened last night was disgusting, and these people can leave the country if they hate America so much.

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