It sounds like one, and probably was said as one but the left is so quick to turn even a joke said in passing a year ago into something terrifying and twisting it to try again to hurt the reputation of the President who can’t joke, speak, pee, poo, even clean his ass without being accused of being a crazy, racist who now demands for people to clean their ass after a good poop. This is how crazy the left is become! Even something maybe said in passing as a joke they turn into more fake news. Clearly the President didn’t say such a thing or wasn’t being serious if at all.

The whole thing sounds like more made up nonsense, and if he said it most likely it was jokes. Not like a certain member of congress Hank Johnson who asked if Guam Could “Capsize” After Marine Buildup… He was also very in how he asked in a hearing in congress! Now (all puns intended here…) let this sink in for a minute guys. He was serious, and nobody reported it because we wouldn’t want to expose him for the moron he is. Would we? Would I? YES I WOULD.

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