Newsmax beats Fox News for first time ever in ratings!

TV will never be the same folks! I’m not shocked as we know who the American people want as the President, and it’s clear this election was rigged, and it’s clear where we stand, and now the tv networks are feeling it! Not just CNN, and the usual clown shows they got on and other clownish networks like CBS, NBC, and MSNBC But now Fox News is getting a shockwave sent to them via Newsmax TV which has now officially beaten Fox News  on ratings for the first time, out-ranking its 10pm Monday night show by a narrow margin after Donald Trump actively encouraged his supporters to ditch Fox in favour of the conservative channel.

Newsmax overtook Fox News by 26,000 viewers in the key 25-to-54 age demographic, coveted by advertisers in the TV industry, during the 10pm programme slot.
Previously his go-to channel for interviews, Mr Trump fell out with Fox after it called the election in Joe Biden’s favour, alongside all other mainstream broadcasters. At the recent crowded “Trump Victory” rally in Georgia, his supporters booed the channel’s correspondent Griff Jenkins. Newsmax’s “Greg Kelly Reports” averaged 229,000 viewers on Monday night, ratings data showed late on Tuesday, compared to 203,000 for “The Story with Martha MacCallum” on Fox News.

“We’re here to stay,” Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy said Tuesday evening after the figures emerged. “The ratings are showing that.” Until the election, Newsmax was not considered a competitor of Fox News and had just a few thousand viewers, while Fox’s can average in the millions. The channel has seen consistent gains, however, with its stance of not referring to Mr Biden as president-elect and questioning his victory, winning it praise online from the incumbent president. Prime time host Kelly has maintained that Mr Trump “can still win” even as the Trump campaign’s attempts to overturn the result have faltered. According to Nielsen Media Research ratings data, Newsmax had 72,000 average total viewers a week before the elections. This shot up to 204,000 on the week of the election, though it still trailed Fox News by a wide margin. Fox had 2.73 million total average viewers the week preceding the election and 3.48 million during the election.

Fox News averaged 1.36 million viewers throughout the day on Monday in comparison to Newsmax’s 316,000 viewers. Ruddy said after the ratings came out that he will continue to diversify the channel’s programming schedule, including a 10pm programme led by former Fox host Rob Schmitt. But give it time, and I think with more of a nation wide push NewsMAX will become a major player, and they look like they got ourside covered well, and honest. Now moving forward I’d like to see them land a major name like a Sean Hannity or someone and have them anchor them for the next decade on their own show… This would be a major catastraphic loss for FoxNEWS. Hell even if they land a lesser known guy like a Jesse Watters who is awesome or Greg Gutfeld whichever of these cats would be dope… Even yes Tucker Carlson. I know some Trump supporters don’t like him after what he said about Sidney Powell, and Tucker was wrong, and out of like for it but we cannot discount his other known pro Trump hours… So I’ll give him a pass on being a moron one time. He’s been pretty spot on about a lot of stuff.

Anyway good news on for NewsMAX… Hope they keep sticking up for what’s right.

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