New Superman gets new suit, and fires problematic writer!

So the new Superman and Lois DC Show just recently began filming after a long production delay due to some re-writes, and other issues. However, one the show’s writers this leftist Liberal named Nadria Tucker, has revealed that she has been fired from the series. Comic Book Movie, Tucker threw some explosive allegations on her way to the unemployment office.

This light on IQ Liberal went on one of the worlds two favorite sources of fake news, and agenda politics platforms this one known as Twitter! On her “account”, Tucker posted that she clashed with the writers over racial and gender representation. But here is the deal lady, and follow along folks. This is going to be the replacement of the now canceled “Supergirl” show which will air it’s final season coming out 2021 after Six Seasons. That show was pretty good early on until it became too much about “Gender politics” and “racial agendas” and not enough “Good storytelling.”

The world has had nothing but these agendas pushed in our faces for the last few years now, and it’s become gross to say the least. Every show on the line up on the CW has gender, and other progressive liberal politics attached to them, and this has hurt the shows in the ratings as it did to Supergirl which has had horrible ratings as the storylines became more filled with those idiotic themes. It’s pretty clear, and insulting when even a character like Braniac is turned into some weird Binary Queer robot who dates a transgender male to female actor. I mean this is just something most fans don’t want to see, and so the show lost it’s audiance, and now is being canceled.

At its peak on The CW (where the show moved for Season 2), the show had an average viewership of over three million viewers. By Season 5, however, this had almost halved, with Season 5 episodes getting around 1.6 million viewers on average according to The Hollywood Reporter, who combine broadcast figures with viewers who watched the episode on demand within seven days of broadcast.

The end of Supergirl Season 5 was plagued with particular low ratings per ShowBuzzDaily, under 700,000 people were watching each episode live by the end of the season, down from 1.26 million at the start of the season.

This Superman show is sort of a clean start sort of from Supergirl, and this woman who is all uppity and mad doesn’t understand the fans! The WB/DC/CW also don’t fully understand the fans. This is why they have failed so much over, and over again. IF they keep listening, and hiring idiot writers like Tucker they will continue to fail.

Another sad thing is here that I suspect she’s lying, and she’s pulling out the “Race Card & Gender Card” to smear the WB/DC/CW on something that well has no merit. Like I said they have over done it with these sort of storys which fans don’t like, and perhaps this show they wanted a different course? But maybe not, and she’s just pulling out the “Race/Gender Card” because that’s the new thing the leftists do now. These democRAT woman pick one of those two or both if they can to justify why they lost they job. Maybe your writing just sucked? Ever think of that? I’m sure she didn’t.

Anyway also check out below the new “Superman suit” that the actor Tyler Hoechlin will wear on the show.

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