Neil Rogers Memorial

In what is the saddest way I could picture meeting anyone! I spent the day at Neil Rogers Memorial, and got to meet Luis Amado, Jorge Rodriguez, and Boca Brian of SoFLo Radio.

The memorial was a very well put together events, and props go out to Jorge Rodriguez who was without a doubt the backbone in getting such an event together.

Many showed up from Neils past, and some fans like myself… The event itself wasn’t a very long but by the end there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Neil touched a lot of lives some hated him, and some loved him but all listened to him. If you we’re from Miami during the 90s you knew Neil Rogers. I first listened to Neil back in the early 90s after Hurricane Andrew devastated Miami. The Neil Rogers show was the life line for many of us who lost power, and depended on a radio broadcast to get the news.

Neil Rogers was a brilliant comedic host with amazing comedy timing, and a knack for getting people who called in to voice an opinion that we’re different from his a little pissed off.

In his prime Neil Rogers earned over a Million dollars a year, and not since or before him has another person done so. He was also a proud gay man who came out of the closet in 1977 which was at the time considered a taboo subject. But to him it didn’t matter he was always a head of his time, and he showed the world that even tho he’s gay he can still be the voice of Souths Florida community. Not just gays, and lesbians but all South Florida.

His show should have been nationally syndicated but Neil was happy being a local talent, and speaking as a local Radio show host myself I’m sure happy to have known his show, and had the chance to grow up listening to one of the greatest ever on radio.

RIP Uncle Neil

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