NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace “Relieved” Garage Noose Was Not Criminal Act

I recently read about this after hearing on the Radio that the FBI had declared this to be not a “criminal Act” as it’s been shown that this is a standard rope to pull down the garage door. This is all a hoax guys, and why? Well Bubba now becomes the FACT of Nascar, becomes a house hold name, and becomes the Colin Kaepernick of the sport.

What’s funny is this is not long after Bubba Wallace lead the march to remove confederate flags from NASCAR, and drove a car with the now domestic terror group #BlackLivesMatter so to quote something I read from somewhere. “Bubba Wallace LIED and NASCAR DIED!!” This is nothing but Joshua Smollett all over again, and it’s all staged by Bubba, and Company. I have no doubt in my mind… Notice how quick he went on all the leftist shows like CNN’s Don Lemonhead!

Looks like I’m not the only one who finds it all to ironic, and isn’t buying this whole thing… Guys this is just more leftist propaganda to spread this narrative for “Black Lives Matter” which at the end of the day is nothing but a sold out group to Antifa who’s ran by people connected, and funded by Soros, and others, and Obama, Biden, Clinton all these people are deep into these movements. The left has gone nuts with pushing it to chaos over the death of career criminal George Floyd who died at the hands of a crazy cop who went too far. Nobody once has come out to defend what the cop did to Floyd, and nobody ever will.

But somehow the Libtards are so bent on making this as bad as possible to over throw the government because they cannot beat Trump in November in a fair, and square election. This is how they start rigging the election guys… The fix is in, and make no mistakes about it, and these people will stop at nothing to continue to try and steal the country, and move it towards a socialist destruction like Venezuela.

This is what’s the outcome, and it’s sad how the average people are falling for this ludicrous charade!

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