NASCAR Sided with the terrorists now they’re paying the price as Ratings Tank!

Think back at how much I myself have spoken about this coming back and biting these sports entities in the ass for all this bullshit against our country? How many times have I not told companies and sports franchises that if they get woke they’re going to go broke? Well friends it’s happening, and in the middle of a pandemic where we all wanted to enjoy some entertainment, sports, and were literally begging for them to return! They decided to shit on our country, flag, and anthem.

I’ve said it countless times, yet they never listen, and the outcome is always the same. The “Silent Majority” Has Spoken… NBA, MLB Suffer Massive Ratings Crash After “Black Lives Matter” Openers now NASCAR after another hoax by Bubba Gutless Wallace you know the dude with the white dad, who thinks he’s 100% and black but he’s not, and who has been pushing Black Lives Matter, Antifa propaganda? Got nothing but problems, and demands and wanted to come into an already troubled sport, and rip off the heritage of the sport, and claim it’s racist! When they promote him like all other drivers, and have shown ZERO racist behavior towards him. YET he demanded they remove the confederate flag, demanded they supported BLM, and created a hoax out of noose to get some more air time with DON LEMONHEAD!

The blame should go to him, and these out-of-touch marketing and PR people that work for these companies always read the “fans” wrong, and if you don’t know who or what your audience is & wants how could you possibly read them? This is how you will lose them everytime! They will turn on you so fast it’ll make your head spin, and that’s what’s happening right now with sports leagues. While this has been one of the hardest years economically for the nation due to the KungFlu you would expect sports on tv of any kind would bring in big ratings! Well nope! This again it’s due to a lack of understanding that just everyone on the left who followed the fake news narrative went haywire, and still are in the same democRAT cities for the most part. The sports PR and marketing people working for these leagues confused progressive elites and how they think and feel with how average middle-class Americans think and feel. Huge and very costly mistake to make.

Nascar is on life support the latest New Hampshire race had the lowest ratings since 1998. NASCAR ratings took a hit on the fullest sports weekend since March. NASCAR Cup Series racing from New Hampshire averaged a 1.4 rating and 2.21 million viewers on NBCSN Sunday, marking the lowest rated edition of the race since at least 1998 and the least-watched since at least 2000.

Brad Keselowski’s win declined 18% in ratings and 21% in viewership from last year (1.7, 2.79M) and a tick and 11% respectively from 2018 (1.5, 2.50M). As recently as five years ago, the race had a comparably strong 2.4 and 3.67 million. The only way that NASCAR can come back from this, is if the league issues a sincere apology to their fan base, saying how sorry they are for making a political mockery of the sport that they love, and Next, Bubba Wallace has to make the same heartfelt apology, and then he should fade into the background, and his name should only be mentioned when absolutely necessary. He needs to denounced Black Lives Matter, and Antifa, and all the hate they spew and the trouble they’re doing to our country. INSTEAD Of being divisive Bubba needs to be a person who brings people together. But he’s not, and he’s part of the problem.

Check out this video below… This guy nails it.

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