Nancy Pelosi: ‘It Is Not A Good Use Of Time To Negotiate With President Donald Trump Because He Is Not My Level’

Well look Hell has frozen folks as I finally agree on one thing by Nasty Nancy Pelosi… Trump is NOT on her level. Hardly anyone outside of her Sinister fraud squad are on her level… Hmmmm Sinister Fraud Squad. Gives me ideas for a new meme.

During Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Live,” or “FAKE NEWS LIVE!” House Speaker by name only Nasty Nancy Pelosi claimed that it is not good to use her time to negotiate with President Trump because he is far from her “level.” Well we all know she doesn’t like to work outside of eating Ice Cream, and selling our country down to the most evil domestic terrorists since the left created the KKK.

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MSNBC’s host Craig Melvin asked her: “Madame Speaker, (By name only) with all due respect, you just said ‘forget him,’ talking about the president. You haven’t talked to him about the wildfires. I get the impression you probably haven’t talked to him about the coronavirus relief bill. Have you and the president just stopped talking? Is that where we are?”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi replied: “Well, I’ve spoken to his representatives, and he says that they speak for him. I take that to be true about the secretary of the treasury. We had worked together.” She trashes him at all cost, and has been doing so for 4 years, and maybe more. Instead of helping us Americans who need the help via Stimulus checks she’s more worried about her hair, destroying peoples lives, talking shit about the President, and yes once more Chocolate ICE CREAM! “We worked with four COVID bills with the administration. Four passed in an overwhelmingly bipartisan way. I hope we can do it now,” she continued.

“Quite frankly, my experience with the president is it hasn’t been on the level. You know, he’ll say something, then it doesn’t really happen. So in the interest of time, we’ll work with who he sends over.” Yeah right! The only one who’s been on the level Mrs Chinatown is the President! Remember YOU called him a “Racist, and Xenophobe” In Febuary after he in January closed flights from, and too China. Nasty Nancy is a true Communist make no mistakes about it, and she’s just an evil witch… Ironically she’s in the west… So yes she’s the Wicked Witch of the WEST!

“But on TV a number of times, the president said, ‘You send me a bipartisan immigration bill, and I will sign it,’ and then walks away. You wonder who is in charge there if he says that and then walks away from it,” she concluded.

“So I don’t find it a good use of time, but I do know that the Congress and the executive branch need to work together to get the job done,” Pelosi added… More lies as it’s been said over, and over that not ONLY is there 500 Billion waiting to be sent out that she wont send out but she wont sign anymore stimulus money unless Trump bends over and allows THE GREEN NEW DEAL both up his ass, and ours. This is why she’s holding money from us… While we starve, and die! She’s a Billionaire and folks she could give a fuck!

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