Rest in Peace Jorge Rodriguez 1964 – 2020

If this comes off as me rambling I’m sorry guys but I’m literally broken right now… Jorge Rodriguez co-owner of both “SoFloRadio and PSN Radio” has passed away Friday July 3rd of a Heart Attack. He was my mentor, one of the best friends I’ve ever had in my 42 years of life… While the USA was about to celebrate our independence day, and I was all caught up on that glued to the tv set like millions of Americans staying locked in due to the pandemic never did I imagine he had taken his last breath, and I would get this call today from “Tony C” the host of one of the main shows on the network who let me know the sad truth, and now I feel this void in my heart… I’m in a state of shock. I don’t know what comes next.

Jorge started his radio career at KLCB-A/LIBBY, MT before heading to MIAMI, where he worked with the late Neil Rogers. Together on WIOD-A and WQAM-A from 1990 through 2009, producing and serving as an on-air sidekick. In the later years, when ROGERS took more and more time off, Jorge served as fill-in host of the show until he was let go in a cost-cutting move at WQAM in 2009 to which ROGERS objected; a month later, ROGERS hosted his last show at WQAM and passed away the following year. RODRIGUEZ subsequently formed Internet Talk station SOFLORADIO.COM. Which I’ve co-owned with him over the last year, and run the network on our same server as PSN RADIO.

I spoke to him days before, and we were working on trying to bring his show back after he took off a bit of time off due to personal issues, and he was thinking of changing up his format and was running ideas by me… I’ve told him for months that we needed him back on air, and it’s why over a year or so ago we spoke, and connected our networks, and I promised him that I would never back stab him like others had, and SoFloRadio along with our PSN Radio would be looked after no matter what happened to either of us.

We forged an alliance like no other, and a friendship I hopped would last for decades… Jorge was so full of life, and energy, and someone who I thought would one day speak at my eulogy even tho I’m younger then he was. He was my mentor, friend, business partner, and brother. I Truly loved Jorge. This is a tribute video I made for my friend.

As for his family I’ve only met his daughters a couple of times, and had dinner with them once or twice years ago as I didn’t like to interrupt his family life, and or of any of my friends unless I’m needed. I remember first time I went to his studio, and was on air with him I had never been so nervous in my entire Radio/Podcasting career. Here was a short ball of energy named Jorge Rodriguez who I had been listening to almost my entire life, and now I’m kicking it with him in his studio. He was so cool about it, and realized right off the bad I was really just nervous being on his show. Over the years we didn’t get to do a lot of on air stuff even tho he was set to be on my show after July… We had planned on doing an entire 2 hour podcast on my Sunday show.

He was so devoted to his daughters that he always put them first, and so I’d always just went along in conversation with him when he would Segway from whatever we would be speaking about to tell me something funny his daughters did or said, and we could be talking about the network or business, and he would always bring his daughters up. He was an amazing father devoted to his girls like nobody else… My heart and condolences go out to his daughters, and family.

In my life I’ve never met someone who’s moved me and made laugh like Jorge… I’ve known Jorge most of my life via Radio, and later in person. For the last 30 years I’ve heard his voice from be it on my radio listening to the Neil Rogers show as a co-host and producer for Neil or as his formal sit in host whenever Neil was out on vacation. Jorge and I met in person over a decade ago just before the death of Neil Rogers, and when the old man passed I was invited by Jorge to go to his funeral, and was going to attend the Hall of Fame induction Neil got up in Chicago but couldn’t make it due to my own health issues.

I’ve had a lot of friends, and my mother pass in this past decade and it hurts each time… But I always could count on my good buddy Jorge to make me smile. He was a radio legend, an icon to us spics or Cuban Americans who wanted to make this a career. I’ll never forget him inviting me to be at Neil Rogers funeral, and after gathering. Jorge was one of a kind, and had a way with words, and a view on life which even with our political differences we never fought or argued. We just got it. We knew that no matter what we could say anything, and nothing mattered we was still friends.

I remember us crying on the phone when he called me and told me about Suds Coleman passing away… Remember him crying when Eric his old producer died, and how he didn’t know what to do next, and I told him then that anything he would ever need he could count on me, and I tried hard to make it so he could have less cost on things like his Network. This is why we joined forces because of that friendship, and shared experiences we had.

I loved Jorge as a radio guy but Loved him more as a human, and like family. One of the few people in the world I’d literally take a bullet for. This is how much he means to me. Anytime he needed anything I never asked him for anything in return. He was my friend… That was enough.

I’m sure more details will come out about a funeral and burial for him in the next couple of days. I’ll keep everyone posted, and will be adding all his shows to our soundcloud soon thanks to his daughter Sabrina, and keeping his legacy alive forever… He won’t be forgotten as long as I’m a live people will know who he was.

IF you would like to make any donations to him or his family please check out the GoFundMe account set up to help the family out… I’ll be posting more information on this post here over the next few days. Rest in Peace to my brother … Friend … Mentor … I love you man. Forever.

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