Move over stranger things! Cobra Kai Is Now Netflix’s No. 1️⃣ Show

Not shocking here I love Cobra Kai, and don’t know a single person who hasn’t just fallen in love with this show. This is the sort of series which really hits it home as to why agenda politics, and SJW, and Reboots all are missing the mark. This series just does all the little things right, and it’s really built the bridge of the first 3 movies fanbase to come over, and catch up with some of our favorite characters from our childhood. I Grew up on the Karate Kid movies, and I loved the original 3 the best. I can tolerate “The Next Karate Kid” only cause of Pat Marita (Rest in Peace) but that wasn’t a good film.

But move on over Stranger Things because since the show’s first two seasons premiered on Netflix last Friday, the Karate Kid revival series which stars Ralph Macchio and William Zabka from the original 1984 film has been the No. 1 program… Season 3 will be out 2021, and from all the looks of what it’s shaping up to be it’s going to be just EPIC folks. I cannot wait to see what they do next, and I’m trying to stay spoiler free. But if it’s on par with the first two seasons than I’m going to be very happy… Check out these clips below

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