More info on the departure of Trump hater Shepard Smith from Fox News

As we all celebrate Shepard Smith leaving Fox News more info about why he left the network, and his $15 Million annual salary? We just learned recently by the way how much he walked away from it was made public by CNN’s Brian Stelter, who is literally in mourning over Shep’s departure, and calls him a “role model.”

Turns out that the hysterical afternoon host left because of Tucker? The media is portraying Shepard Smith as the #Resistance martyr who walked away from his massive salary because he could no longer work for a network that supports evil Trump. Maybe part of that is true, but it’s not the whole picture. Shep walked away because his massive ego was bruised by Tucker Carlson… I kid you not!

Truthfully Fox News hasn’t really “supported” President Trump Since Roger Ailes left. The main reason Shep left was because he was reprimanded after the Tucker feud at the end of September, after Smith got former judge and Fox News regular Andrew Napolitano‘s opinions about President Donald Trump, a guest of Carlson’s, Joe DiGenova, called Napolitano “a fool.”

The next day, Smith fired back on his show, Smith took aim Carlson, 50, on his own show, noting that the comment was made by a “partisan” guest on an “opinion show.” He said the comment went “unchallenged” by Carlson.

“Attacking our colleague who’s here to offer legal assessments on our air is repugnant,” Smith added at the time to viewers, and so the war continued, and Carlson ended up calling Smith “partisan.”

The Vanity Fair claimed sources said network executives told Smith to stop attacking Carlson on air, a Fox News spokesperson denied “anyone” spoke to Smith about it, and Smith’s exit is another disruption for Fox News, which came under fire over various sexual harassment issues. [Radar Online]

The timing is too coincidental, and suspect for the two issues not to be connected. Think about it!

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