Missouri couple brandished guns at protesters in fear for their lives

A lawyer in Missouri can be seen with his wife brandishing guns at protesters outside their home Sunday. They claimed they grabbed the weapons after being told they ‘would be killed’ and were placed ‘in fear of our lives’.

‘I thought it was storming the Bastille’: Missouri lawyer couple who brandished an AR-15 and handgun at protesters who they say broke down their mansion gate claim they were ‘in fear of our lives’ and were told they ‘would be killed’

The home owners names have been released with the video “Mark McCloskey, 63, and his wife Patricia, 61,” are seen drawing a AR-15 and handgun on protesters outside their $1.5million mansion in to a well-to-do St. Louis neighborhood. They are heard shouting at the protesters to leave their neighborhood and have claimed that demonstrators broke down a gate into the private community. Which can be seen on pictures.

The video of their standoff has been viewed more than 9 million times with some supporting their right to protect their private property and lives, and others claiming that the couple broke the law by threatening a peaceful protest. Protesting doesn’t mean “destroying private property” or making threats to home owners. Because they’re white OR any color for that matter.

Mark McCloskey told KMOV-TV that a mob rushed toward the home as the family was having dinner outside, claiming that the protesters smashed through gates on their private street that are marked with ‘No Trespassing’ and ‘Private Street’ signs.

In a separate interview he said: ‘I really thought it was storming the Bastille, that we would be dead and the house would be burned’, referencing a defining moment of the French Revolution when, in 1789, a mob stormed a Paris state prison known as the Bastille, which revolutionaries saw as a symbol of the monarchy’s autocratic rule and power over them.

This man is a hero, and I think more home owners should take this same action, and react this same way considering the police in some areas are not doing their jobs in fears they have themselves, and in some areas where the democRATic ran cities, and states are not ALLOWING police to have a say in keeping law, and order. This is what happens folks when the country is turned upside down by people who are not peaceful protesters, and start to burn, loot, and riot. This is what “Black Lives Matter,” “Antifa,” (which Jerry Nadler thinks is all in our imagination!) “The KKK,” and all hate groups do, and again if they’re coming into your property, and it’s a mob of people, and you’re in fear for your life. By all means pull out them guns, and show them why we have the constitutional right to bare arms.

I’m tired of watching innocent people lose because of these criminals, and domestic terrorists, and I’m a shamed at those who bow down to these people. Time to fight for your own lives, and if people don’t want police? This simple! I’ve said it on my show. Design for the police a registry for their main websites where you can go, and put your information so if you’re ever in need of help the police WONT take your call, and WONT be able to go out, and do their job. But than who you gonna call? You think Shaun King will have your back? NOPE! So good luck with that when some thug is breaking into your home, and you gave up the police, and gave up your rights to bare arms.

As for this story I applaud this couple again, and hope they send a signal to others on how to handle this sort of situation. Hope they don’t face any charges over protecting themselves. Oh, I love the pose they have in one of the pictures it’s like an action movie. LMAO! INFACT I PhotoShop Memed it here below. 😛

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