Michael Keaton’s Batman is officially in The Flash movie!

So after weeks of speculations, and tons of rumors filming has finally started on The Flash movie, and well it looks like one Mr Michael Keaton will once again play the role he is most loved for “BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE” now yes mind you a much older version, and yes from all looks of it this is the older version of the BATMAN from his two outings in Batman, and Batman Returns. Both movies directed by Tim Burton, and the first real live cinematic movies of the character to hit theaters. Not TV as we had the Adam West show, and other Batman cartoons, and serials back in the day. But the Tim Burton BATMAN (1989) was groundbreaking, and it really played a major role in getting the Superhero genre going when all we had to enjoy that was actually good at that point was Superman I and II.

I loved Keaton in the role, and still do while my favorite take on the character is the one by Christian Bale in the Nolan trilogy what Michael Keaton did with Tim Burton started it all for most of us myself included, and he’s always going to hold that special place in our heart. Also this might set p the long rumored BATMAN BEYOND with Michael Keaton mentoring a younger Batman named “Terry McGinnis” a movie 99% of fans would be bonkers over if made. Let’s all hope. Keaton recently cast doubt on his Batman return during an interview with Deadline, in which he expressed concerns over filming in the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic. Those concerns seem to have dissipated in the intervening weeks as the studio began gearing up for production.

While it’s been In the five years since Ezra Miller’s The Flash made his debut in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, the actor’s solo movie has struggled to get going with many re-writes, and new directors coming onboard, and leaving the project it looked like it was a dud which wouldn’t happen, and still even when announcing this it feels like it wont happen but with Andy Muschietti in the director’s chair, production is said to currently be underway in the UK and Michael Keaton is along for the ride.

The Wrap has confirmed that Keaton will reprise his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman in The Flash, loosely based on the Flashpoint comic book arc in which Barry Allen’s time traveling superhero alter ego inadvertently creates an alternate universe in which Keaton’s Batman has been the Gotham City hero for the past 30 years. Keaton famously played the Dark Knight for director Tim Burton in 1989’s Batman and its sequel, 1992’s Batman Returns. His casting in The Flash was first reported last summer, around the same time that Ben Affleck’s Batman was also rumored to be making an appearance post-Snyder Cut, and with Warner Bros. trying to distance itself from that era of the DC universe, it’s unclear if Affleck is still set to appear.

Announced additional casting: Kiersey Clemons will reprise her role as Iris West (Barry’s love interest), Ron Livingston as Barry’s dad, and The Flash will also mark the debut of the DC universe’s new Supergirl, played by Sasha Calle.

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