Michael Keaton to Return as Batman in DC’s “The Flash”

Holy Flashpoint BATMAN! Finally after decades of us wanting this, and after years of him teasing that “He’s Batman” in interviews, and even working in the movie “BIRD-MAN” & “Spiderman as The Vulture” the silver screens very first BATMAN is going to make a come back like we never expected. As we know as of now Ezra Miller is still Starring as “The Flash” and it looks like it’s finally getting ready to happen with Michael Keaton coming in as Flashpoint Batman. I Don’t like Miller as “Flash” and after he choked a fan I want less of him as an actor overall to get any sort of publicity. He’s a horrible actor in my opinion, and from all accounts a complete nutcase.

Now I don’t know how this will sit with fans BUT! This time he’s reportedly looking to play “Thomas Wayne.” While again this has been joked around and dreamed about by fans for years nobody thought it would happen… But as it is always with fan speculation who knows who’s listening, and or reading things online, and taking notes. This again has been mostly just wishful thinking by everybody who loved what Keaton did with the character. It appears that Warner Bros. and Andres Muschietti are seriously looking to cast Keaton, though, as of this writing, that has not been officially confirmed.

If it all turns out to be true, this could be amazing news for comic book fans all over the world. At least for fans of the original Batman movies by Tim Burton, and Michael Keaton. This could be cool, and this is from someone who hates the idea of an Ezra Miller FLASH movie.

Michael Keaton first played Bruce Wayne in Tim Burton’s “Batman” (1989) and again in 1 sequel “Batman Returns” (1992) after that we got 2 semi sequels one with Valmer as Batman in “Batman Forever” (1995) and then George Clooney nipples, and all helped destroy that franchise with “Batman & Robin” (1997) which left fans calling the worst movie of the franchise, and a movie that not only destroyed the franchise but the director Joel Schumacher, and actor George Clooney both have since said sorry for many times over… To many DC fans, Keaton is still the best version of the Dark Knight to ever hit the big screen.

To me it’s Christian Bale but Keaton is right behind him without a doubt.

When he was originally cast, there were a lot of doubts, but Keaton silenced all critics with his rather intense version of the iconic comic book character. If he ends up in The Flash, it could go on to become the biggest DC movie released ever.

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