Mia Farrow caught lying on Twitter about Gun Violence!

Another leftist loser who married a pedophile in the 80s feels the need to address Donald Trump like if he’s a criminal, and like she knows a good man, and she’s the moral authority of this country! Mind you she lost her husband to her asian adopted daughter who he was fucking when she was still under age! Because Pedophilia is ok with them? She acts like if Trump made all the gun laws in this country, and like he’s been dictator or something for decades. Hey Mia if you take away our rights to own guns guess what? Criminals will have an easier time hurting innocent people because CRIMINALS DON’T CARE ABOUT LAWS YOU IDIOT! You know what happens after they remove our rights to protect ourselves right? GERMANY, VENEZUELA, CUBA! IS This what you want for this country too? FUCK OFF LADY!

The left and these morons in Hollywood love to blame Trump for all the problems in the world, and the mans been in office for 3 years trying to fix the problems caused by THEIR guy Barack Obama. Who for 8 years did nothing but hurt this nation, and caused the great issues we’re facing now. Mia Farrow yes the same one who allowed Woody Allen to molest, then marry their adopted under age daughter, and who has kept close ties with the pedophile director.

These weirdo’s on the left will stop it nothing to try and blame president Trump for everything! Like if he’s been in charge of the country for the last 20 or 30 years! For goodness sakes how mentally stupid are these people? They got nothing good to say so all they do is spend their entire day on Twitter talking shit about the President. This is incredible to see on a daily basis how these socialists are losing not just their minds but will lose every upcoming election due to how unstable, and crazy they are.

Mia time to expose your TWITTER LIE!!! You have been exposed by me!

Hey Mia how about you listen to someone smarter than you!

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