Maryland Couple Killed In Cemetery Shooting!

The Delaware State Police have identified the man they say fatally shot an Elkton, Maryland couple at a veterans cemetery in Bear, Delaware, on Friday morning.

According to police, Sheldon Francis, 29, of Middletown, Delaware, shot the 85-year-old woman and 86-year-old man while they were visiting the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery just before 10:15 a.m. Friday. The woman died at the scene, while the man died the next day at a hospital.
Police found Francis dead around six hours after the shooting in a wooded area near the cemetery. Hours earlier, officers and Francis exchanged gunfire in the area.

It’s unclear if Francis died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound or from a shot during the earlier gunfire, police said. Police have not yet released the couples’ names pending family notification. Also a motif for the shooting of the elderly couple isn’t known, and we don’t know the identity of the victims. More will develop on this I’m sure. But I wonder since the man responsible for the shooting is an African American, and he’s the killer who also is now dead. Why isn’t the media covering this story more? Seems like unless a white person shoots a black person they don’t care to report on it the same. Look at the media attention the Video of Ahmaud Arbery being killed got?

That video was edited by the never honest media, and didn’t originally show Ahmaud illegally trespassing in someones home which was caught by surveillance, and don’t report that he was not just trespassing but he was snooping around almost looking for something to “steal” when he found nothing he left… There had been so called reports of robberies in the area, and while the whole thing looks shady from the shooters connection to Ahmaud the guy didn’t make it easy on himself because he wasn’t jogging like he reported he was walking into a house which didn’t belong to him, and then RAN towards the man who ended up shooting him to fist fight him, and was taking ample blows to his head. Sorry but if someone has a shotgun or ANY GUN pointed at me I’m ducking for cover, and running away in zigzag patterns so he can’t have a clear shot… I DO NOT run towards him and try to fight a man with a gun. That’s just down right stupid.

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